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Peripherals Product Catgory


Quantum IT Limited supply a huge amount of peripherals such as keyboards, printers, monitors, scanner that is essential to your business needs and ensure they work efficiently with seamless interaction between your IT systems and users.

We cover a range of machines and physical computer components commonly used in the industry. Given the extent businesses rely upon on a daily basis, this means there is always a widespread demand for wholesale IT supplies.

In addition, we also supply consumables such as Inks and Toners, paper disks and other storage devices.

We also supply a huge range of Point of Sale terminals, and bio metric readers such as finger print or IRS readers. We have at any given time a wide range of computer Peripherals at the best prices and can supply CAT cables, connectors, Drives & Storage devices, keyboards, modems, routers, access points within a short period of time. 

Since our customers needs are ever changing we understand the value of looking towards and keeping pace with the future. Our goal is to enrich our customers requirements with innovation technology advancements and services of superior quality.

We back our products with outstanding customer support and industry leading warranties and strive to expand our offerings to meet the changing needs of all our value customers. 


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    Beyond sales

    We help our customers out by co-thinking, supporting product integration and troubleshooting. The client comes first at Quantum IT Limited. We go beyond selling a product and we know how important it is to have the product add value to your business.
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