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We provide a managed hosting solution to fit your needs and work with hosting providers to deliver a secure, reliable and salable application infrastructure.

Quantum IT Limited, partner with OneNet who is a Microsoft GOLD Partner and offer the following services:
Hosted Windows Desktop with Office and Exchange
Hosted Windows Desktop for hosting your client MYOB
Hosted Microsoft Exchange
OneNet Server Hosting including Server management + monitoring
OneNet Server back up for your clients onsite  Servers-Line vault
OneNet PC and Mac Backup for individual computers connected
Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Email archiving -Manage Protect
Hosted Microsoft Windows SharePoint foundation 2010 (Free with Exchange)
OneNet Server Hosting

There are a number of benefits of application hosting, such as the reduced cost. Instant deployment in a second with easy maintenance and reduced administration being the third and fourth benefits.

When applications are hosted, the software and hardware are the vendors responsibility with the client only having to maintain the Internet access. There is no Software to download, making the application available instantly. In addition, because there is no need to license software on a per concurrent user, per server, per site or per use basis the cost is reduced a great deal.

Furthermore, the risk is little due to there being no long term commitment from the customer. New Customers can typically test a new hosted application through a pay as you go model or through a free trial. Hosted applications benefit customers because of the support that is provided. Plus, new updates tend to be installed centrally so that there is no need to keep track of version numbers. 

In short, the investment in local software and hardware is reduced, no need for data to be synchronized with multiple devices, access is global, and the software licensing costs are reduced.


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