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Back up software that we supply will create supplementary exact copies of your entire files, databases or entire systems. These programs may later use the supplementary copies to restore the original contents in the event of data loss.

Data is the most valuable resource that a company can own. Sadly, it is also often the least well protected.

Every year, thousands of companies lose key data to preventable causes, with consequences ranging from security breaches to compromised operational continuity. In many cases, data loss can result in legal liability for the company that failed to protect its assets.

Developing an effective back up strategy requires more than simply deciding which data needs to be backed up , to where, and when. External factors such as business processes and available budget must also be considered before an optimal backup plan can be developed and a solution put in place.

At Quantum IT Limited, we understand the importance of protecting data. As cost is usually a predominant factor and with this in mind we have formulated a very cost effective solution, enabling our clients to have a comprehensive enterprise level disaster recovery solution in place for the minimum of expense and effort.

We want to help our customers and get their clients back up and running quickly and efficiently keeping their stress and loss of earning to a minimum. 


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    We help our customers out by co-thinking, supporting product integration and troubleshooting. The client comes first at Quantum IT Limited. We go beyond selling a product and we know how important it is to have the product add value to your business.
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