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Locked UPT internet cable


Quantum IT Limited helps you through their security vendors to enhance information security and protect the integrity of your corporate IT environment. Hence assisting you and your resources the defense of computers against intrusion and unauthorized use of resources.

Products supplied use leading edge technology to ensure that data  on removable media remains as private and secure on the mobile device on the road as it would be on a workstation in an office.

Most of our security suites offer protection from viruses and malware as well as spam, phishing attempts and content filtering.

As we are a Value Added Reseller of Software and Hardware products and as a service to all our customers we help maintain Certificate Licenses. By keeping up with the expiration dates of your products we can notify you when it is time to renew well in advance  via a prompt  email notification.

Quantum IT Limited is a GOLD Partner with Kaspersky Lab who offer security products such as Anti virus , Anti-malware and firewall applications, in addition to security systems designed for small business, Corporations and Large Enterprises.

 Corporate solutions include protection for workstations, file servers, mail servers, payment gateways, banking servers, mobile devices, and internet gateways,managed through a centralized Administration Kit. These applications are also available in bundled security suites,scaled to fit the requirements of organizations of varying sizes.


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    We help our customers out by co-thinking, supporting product integration and troubleshooting. The client comes first at Quantum IT Limited. We go beyond selling a product and we know how important it is to have the product add value to your business.
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